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Hurricane Preparation

by Great American Plumbing on 08/28/19

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Hurricane season is upon us, have you prepared?  Living in South Florida we all know the drill:  Stock up on dry & can goods, water, batteries, have flashlights available, check trees, fuel up, prep generator, have shutters ready and make an evacuation plan.  You get the point, but have you ever considered preparing your plumbing for a storm.  Many people would not, so here are a few tips to prepare your plumbing for a storm.

Trees – check the trees around your property for tree roots that may cause issues to your plumbing system.  Tree roots can wrap around piping causing corrosion to the system.  Roots can also invade inside the sewer system.  When a storm hits trees may fall, if the roots are wrap around the system, it may cause piping to rip out of the ground. 

Drains – check your drains for any slow moving or clogged drains.  If you detect any, have them cleared before the storm.  Heavy rainfall can cause flooding, which may cause your system to backup into your home if the drains are slow or clogged. 

Water Heater – consider shutting down the water heater during the storm.  Hot water is not needed during the storm, and using it can cause pressure to the plumbing system.  Besides, the stored water it the heater can be a useful usable source of water.

Main Water Supply & Shut off valves – before the storm hits, check your main shut off valve and all emergency shut off valves.  Have them replaced if you detect any issues.  You also may consider shutting down the main supply just before the storm.  This would help prevent contamination to your main water supply.  If you do have to evacuate, definitely shut down the system before leaving, to help prevent any flooding and/or contamination while you are not home.

After the storm has passed, inspect your plumbing, look for cracks, leaks, or discolored water.  Clear any debris around gutters and sewer drains. 

If you have any plumbing issues before or after the storm, a licensed plumber can help inspect, replace and repair your plumbing system.  Follow these helpful tips to ensure your family’s water supply is safe.  

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